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World’s First and It Works! Pig Kidney Transplanted to Human


NEW YORK CITY – Scientists have been working for decades on the possibility of transplanting animal organs into humans or xenotransplantation. Genetically modified pigs have been considered a source of materials such as heart valves and skin grafts for human patients.

This time the scientists made a new history in the world. For the first time, pig kidneys have been successfully transplanted into humans at the NYU Langone Health medical center in New York City.

“This breakthrough transplant can overcome the shortage of human organs for transplantation,” the doctors said Sputnik on Wednesday (20/10/2021).

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“A pig with an engineered gene was used so that its tissue no longer had the sugar molecule, alpha-gal, which is known to trigger immediate rejection,” the report said. Reuters.

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Surgeons revealed the recipient of this kidney was a brain-dead patient with symptoms of kidney dysfunction. The patient’s family had agreed to the trial before he was scheduled to be removed from life support equipment.

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The team of doctors attached pig kidneys to a pair of large blood vessels outside the recipient’s body which were observed for two to three days. Surprisingly, the kidneys filter waste and produce urine without triggering rejection.

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