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Women’s Duty to Give Birth, Can’t Be a Minister

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Taliban pathetic woman Afghanistan cannot be involved in government affairs such as serving as a minister.

One Taliban spokesman, Syed Zekrullah Hashmi, said women’s main job was to give birth and raise children. It assesses women should not be in the Afghan government cabinet.

Women can’t work to lead ministries. It’s like you put something they can’t bear around their necks,” Hasmi said in an interview with TOLO News as quoted Associated Press.

On that occasion, Hasmi said it was not important for the Afghan government to have women representatives in its cabinet.

He also stressed that the women who demonstrated in a number of cities in recent days did not represent the image of Afghan women.

“Afghan women are the ones who gave birth to the Afghan generation, educated them, taught them Islamic ethics,” Hasmi said when asked by the presenter about the Taliban’s response to the role of women in government.

When claiming full control of Afghanistan again on August 15, the Taliban promised protection of women’s rights and the establishment of an inclusive government.

However, this was not reflected in the interim cabinet which was inaugurated by the Taliban recently. So far, the contents of at least 33 members of the Afghan government’s cabinet are filled by veteran Taliban officials without any representation from other groups and groups in the country, including women.

Even so, the Taliban has said Afghan women are allowed to attend college, even postgraduate programs.

However, the group continues to implement a number of policies that limit women, such as the obligation for women to wear Islamic clothing such as the hijab, studying in separate classes with male students, to supervising every lesson they take.
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“We will not allow boys and girls to study together,” said Afghan Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani.

“We will not allow (them) to undergo joint education,” he added.

Not only that, Afghan women are also prohibited from exercising. According to the Taliban, exercise is not important for women and only harms women because of the risk of exposing their body parts.

The Taliban have also reportedly used violence in the face of protests by Afghan women that have taken place in recent days in Kabul and several other cities.

Not only restricting women, the Taliban, which adheres to a strict interpretation of Islamic law, also banned music and art during their previous rule of 1996-2001.

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