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Women who intend to marry PLHIV, what will happen to future children? : health of the Okezone

STILL a lot of stigma associated with people with HIV/AIDS (ODHA). Many of these stigmas ultimately raise questions for ordinary people.

An example, what if the future husband is an HIV / AIDS patient. Can the woman, as a woman, be infected by her future husband who is PLHIV?

The health expert, prof. dr. Zubairi Djoerban via his personal Twitter account, @ProfessorZubairi., This troubling transmission can actually be prevented with disciplined medication intake.

“Because antiretroviral drugs are able to suppress the HIV virus in the patient’s body. So that the virus from potential partners (ODHA), is not transmitted when married later, “said prof. Zubairi, quoted Thursday (7/12/2022).

So what if you are planning on having children? Can it potentially implement vertical transmission of HIV to children, as a result of the relationship with PLHIV?

As for plans to have children, Prof. Zubair says it’s okay. As long as the husband consumes these ARV drugs regularly, so as not to pass on the HIV virus to his wife and future children.

“The important thing is to always remind each other when you take your meds for a very long time. As long as you do, it will be safe and there will be no transmissions or emergencies. If you get married and get pregnant, the baby can take HIV only from the mother. This means that until the husband stops the drug, the virus will not come back,” she explained at length.

Therefore, when the virus does not recur, the husband can no longer infect his wife. So that even children cannot get HIV.

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