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Diego Michiels, footballer often in difficulty


Soccer player Diego Michaels act again. Dutch naturalized man committed an act of violence.

Diego committed an act of violence in the duel between Persija Jakarta and Borneo FC. In the continuation of League 1 2022/2023 at Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul on Tuesday (6/12) WIB evening.

The Borneo FC captain hit Michael Krmencik, who is a Persija striker, in the face. This started when Diego Michiels spat on the Czech Republic man, which Krmencik countered.

Diego Michiels then looked excited. He immediately punched him in the face. Krmencik then fell and the referee immediately after deliberating gave a red card to Diego.

Diego is a player who has a bad resume. Previously he attacked Seman Padang’s players in 2016, namely Marcel Sacramento.

Diego deliberately kicked Marcel who was taking a flick-in from the sideline in the 61st minute. As a result, the court judge immediately awarded Diego’s inappropriate actions with a red card.

Realizing that his ridiculous behavior was detrimental to the team, Diego pleaded guilty to his bad behavior on the pitch. Diego felt his emotions goad him after being pushed by Marcel so that he almost fell.

Diego is not only bad on the pitch too. When he’s off the field, he also has attacks. Given the bad behavior of the player, it is right that Diego can no longer be punished lightly.

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