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Women Struggling with Menopause Symptoms Risk Being Denied Access to Therapy, Say Menopause Specialists

Breakthrough Insights on Menopause Therapy Access

Women’s Menopause Therapy Access Remains Challenging, Say Specialists

Experts in menopause care have expressed concern over the insufficient accessibility of therapy for women dealing with distressing symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disturbance, and insomnia. Without determined advocacy for their well-being, women are often left with inadequate support.

HRT Prescriptions for Menopause Surge By 29% in a Year

Latest data from the National Health Service (NHS) reveals a significant increase of 29% in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) prescriptions over the past year. In 2022/23, approximately 2.34 million patients were prescribed HRT, up from 1.8 million in the previous year.

This rise in prescriptions accompanies a 47% surge in the number of HRT items prescribed during the same period. The increased awareness of various therapy combinations has contributed to this trend.

An Inadequate Supply of HRT Triggers Chaotic Market Conditions

Shortages of HRT have been reported as demand has continued to rise, leading to rationing of certain products and creating a desperate situation for menopausal women. In some cases, due to the inadequate supply, women have resorted to illicit means such as the black market, and have resorted to bartering and exchanging medications through social media groups.

According to Theramex, a leading pharmaceutical company specialized in women’s health, this NHS prescribing data is a part of their report.

The Struggle for Essential Care persists for Many

Tina Backhouse, the general manager of Theramex UK and Ireland, emphasizes the unjust situation, stating, “It is unjust that essential care for women is subject to a cruel lottery.”

Backhouse adds, “Over the course of the last five years, the demand for Hormone Replacement Therapy has surged. Regrettably, the need for access to treatment has fallen short, and countless women are still fighting for the care they require.”

It is vital for women to have the option to choose their menopause treatment and decide whether HRT is suitable for them. While not every woman may benefit from HRT, many will struggle to live a fulfilling life, maintain employment, and manage their daily routines without it.

Addressing the inequality in access, Backhouse points out, “Menopause is still frequently seen as an issue that solely affects white, middle-class women. Due to deeply rooted cultural and language barriers, women’s access to essential care is mainly determined by the community in which they live.”

Janet Lindsay, CEO of the charity Wellbeing of Women, emphasizes the importance of providing women with the opportunity to receive the most suitable form of support, whether it be HRT or an alternative. Accurate information rather than unnecessary fear is crucial to enable women to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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