Women in their fifties have to lose weight in a specific way. Use cucumbers and eggs

There are many guidelines for a spring detox or lightening diet. One of them is the cucumber-egg diet. If you are in your fifties and weight loss is a problem, you can start. Of course, taking into account your medical condition.

Why eggs and cucumbers?

Both eggs and cucumbers are full of healthy substances. Eggs contain quality proteins and minerals – phosphorus, iron and zinc. Cucumbers, on the other hand, excel in low calorific value and at the same time high content of vitamins and minerals. We find vitamins A, B and C in them and the minerals silicon, potassium, zinc, copper or chromium. Cucumbers help hair, nails and skin, and with them you will improve the condition of joints and tendons.

Cucumber – egg diet

How does this diet work? The first day only go cucumbers and eggs. Scrambled eggs, cucumber salad. You can take a piece of fish with your salad. Cucumber smoothie and hard-boiled eggs should be enough for dinner.

The second and third day of the diet

The next day you can try, for example, an omelette with tofu and mushrooms and three nuts. Cucumber salad with stewed zucchini and lentil steak for lunch. Prepare the same dinner as the first day. On the third day, try 2 toasts made of wholemeal bread and avocado with egg. For lunch, a piece of chicken with vegetables and grated carrots. Cut the cucumber and carrot for snack. Dinner is the same as the previous two days.

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Fourth and fifth day

Have you lasted the previous three days? As a reward, you will find an omelette with herbs for breakfast on the 4th day, a tortilla with feta cheese for lunch and a surprising cucumber cocktail for dinner – but this time without eggs. On the fifth day, have 2 pieces of wholemeal bread with avocado and a slice of chicken breast for breakfast. Prepare vegetables in a pan for lunch and hard-boiled eggs. For dinner, try cucumber salad instead of cucumber juice.

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Sixth and seventh day

Do you still have an appetite for eggs? On the sixth day, scrambled eggs with ricotta and cucumber await you for breakfast, lentil steak and tomato sauce for lunch. For dessert, you can mix fruit salad and for dinner, prepare two slices of chicken breast with garnish in the form of cucumbers. On the last day, have breakfast of oatmeal with raisins, a piece of salmon and cucumber smoothie for lunch, and as a last dinner, fried vegetables and a handful of almonds.

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