Honda’s new car is cheaper than the BR-V, a potential fighter for Raize-Rocky?


The signal for the presence of a new Honda car has been smelled through the Motor Vehicle Sales Value (NJKB) of Samsat. The basic price is cheaper than the Honda BR-V. What model will be released by Honda?

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) is currently introducing the RS Concept SUV. The car is currently conducting roadshows to various cities in Indonesia.

On the other hand, a new code for Honda cars appeared on the Motor Vehicle Sales Value page of the DKI Jakarta Samsat. It says “DG47” for manual transmission and “DG48” for automatic transmission. The code is also accompanied by the number 1.5 indicating that a 1500 cc engine will be embedded.

The DG code was also previously installed on the body of the new generation Honda BR-V. That is Honda’s answer to compete in the Low SUV market.

Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Yusak Billy, was reluctant to comment further on the presence of the new code for Honda cars in Samsat. Also, he did not deny or confirm the presence of the new code as a form of the RS Concept SUV.

“Registration at Samsat is administrative, which does not refer to the time of production or launch of certain products. So we cannot provide information regarding this,” Billy said when contacted by detikcom, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

The RS SUV concept car is a small SUV. Small SUV types are currently being offered through various manufacturers, ranging from the Toyota Raize, Daihatsu Rocky, Kia Sonet, and Nissan Magnite.

In the new code, Honda cars are divided into five variants, namely 1.5 EM/T, 1.5 E CVT, 1.5 RS M/T, 1.5 RS CVT, and 1.5 RS CVT Z. On the other hand, the NJKB of this car is cheaper than the Honda BR. -V. Here’s the list;

– DG47 1.5 E MT Rp 163.000.000
– DG47 1.5 RS MT Rp 180.000.000
– DG48 1.5 E CVT Rp 171.000.000
– DG48 1.5 RS CVT Rp 188.000.000
– DG48 1.5 RS CVT Z Rp 189.000.000

For the record, the price information does not include the transfer of title tax, Sales Tax on Luxury Goods, and so on. However, as a comparison, the list above is still cheaper than the NJKB BR-V, which starts at Rp. 194 million.

Throughout 2021, small SUVs have attracted enough interest from the Indonesian people. It is proven that Raize has distributed 22,923 units, followed by Rocky with 10,737 units, then followed by Kia Sonet with 2,321 units and Nissan Magnite with 434 units.

With the numbers above will Honda stay silent?

If you look at the trends or habits that have been carried out by Honda so far, the RS Concept SUV will almost certainly be produced as a mass car. For example, the Small RS Concept which became the All New Brio or the N7X Concept which was later released as the All New BR-V.

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