Woman spends $35,000 so her cat can ‘live forever’

In Kelowna, Canada, a woman identified as Kris Stewart found a way to make her pet “live forever” and that is through cloning.

Stewart recently lost her cat “Bear” in a traffic accident after it was hit by a car, which caused her death, but she immediately knew what to do to “bring her pet back to life.”

According to the regional media CTV News, the woman already knew the cloning process because her dog had suffered from cancer and after an investigation she found Viagen Pets, a laboratory in the United States that is dedicated to cloning pets.

The woman had to store the cat’s body at the right temperature as she frantically searched for a vet who knew how to perform a biopsy to collect her cells. Once this was done, she sent them to the United States.

Real image of “Bear”, Kris Stewart’s pet / CTV News

The cost to clone a cat is $35,000 and a dog $50,000, but Stewart said having his pet back is worth it and because of his quick action he can quickly begin the in-vitro fertilization process, which it is necessary to “bring it back to life”.

The company explains that the cloning process only represents the birth of an identical twin at a different time.

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