Woman murdered in Chimichagua had reported abuse

Cristina Isabel Pava Carreño, 36, was murdered by multiple stab wounds inflicted by her former partner, identified as Cristian Sánchez Martínez, who after attacking her with two knives, tried to take his own life.

This case of feminicide was recorded in the municipality of Chimichagua, which caused consternation in the town given that the victim was from a well-known family and whom they considered to be a working woman dedicated to working as a manicurist.

Those close to the deceased said that she had denounced her ex-partner for the continuous abuse to which he subjected her when they lived together, which forced her to separate from him.

“She put a restraining order on him and recently brought the police notification to his house,” said a friend of the deceased.

The moment of the attack and death occurred on Sunday night when Cristina was talking outside the house with a relative and a neighbor. At that moment the perpetrator arrived with the excuse of showing Cristina a document about her and there he hurt her repeatedly.

After that, his neck was cut and both were taken to the Local Hospital where the death of the woman was confirmed, while the aggressor was transferred to the Hospital of the municipality of El Banco, where he was captured for the crime of feminicide.

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