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Woman claims cheating landlord’s boyfriend kept other girlfriends in his flats ‘as pets’


A woman has shared the story of how she found out her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her with two women he had living on his properties.

Pia Blossom, a TikTok gamer, claims that her former partner, who was a landlord, had offered her to live in one of his penthouses for free, but she wasn’t the only one.

It turned out that he had two other girlfriends that she claimed he was “keeping as pets” or “pokemon” after he called her by the wrong name twice.

In the first part of the story, which received more than 42,000 likes, Pia explained that her ex had properties in Surrey, Hampshire and London and had offered her a place to live for free. But, when she refused, he got mad at her for not trusting him.

Pia Blossom made two videos to share the story of how she found out her ex cheated on her (Image: piablossom_x/TikTok) Read More Related Articles Read More Related Articles

When they later went on a trip, it became clear that she was right to be cautious.

She explained: “One day we were out for a day trip in the new forest and he owned a property there which we then went to because it was empty. It was an Airbnb. Under the bed, I found some pink blankets and a pink hot water bottle.

“I took them to him and said, ‘Who are all these things? Why are they in your house? He said, ‘Well I’m actually going to sell this house and I thought it was a little bit like Lad’s pad because I’ve only been here and it’s been like an Airbnb that guys rent out for stag parties and stuff so I just wanted to make it a bit more feminine. I borrowed some things with my mother to show them.

“Maybe I’m dumb, but that’s the most believable lie anyone has ever told me. I was like, ‘oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense’ and he was like, ‘you just need to trust me a little bit more here. Like, it really hurts me that you don’t trust me enough.’

Pia said she threw the gin in his face after he told her she couldn’t leave without finishing it (Image: piablossom_x/TikTok) Read more related articles

“Long story short, they actually turned out to belong to another woman. In fact, he had two other girlfriends, two other lifetimes. I was the third.”

The highly-requested part two video gave her TikTok fans the thrill they were looking for in their relationship drama, with everything from throwing a drink in her face to her informing others.

She added: “So how did I find out he was cheating on me? She called me one of the girls names twice. Once he called me Josie and another time he called me José. So obviously I was like, ‘Who the hell? is Josie?

“And he said, ‘oh, he’s my friend.’ I looked on Instagram and saw this beautiful girl named Josie that I was following, but she had a very, very, very bad feeling about it.”

Her ex-boyfriend was a homeowner with properties throughout the southeast (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto) Read more related articles

His friends told him to act like Louis Theroux and make him believe he was on the same page with him until he finally confessed, but it all went downhill very quickly.

“I ran into him in a pub garden and said, ‘I know you’re lying to me. I know what you’ve done. So why don’t you tell me so we can work it out?’ ” She explained.

“This man smiled at me and said, ‘Well, if you know I’m lying and you know what’s going on and you’re still sitting here, then you don’t care that much. Or if?’

“They had just brought our drinks, so I had this full glass of gin in front of me and I said, ‘I’m going home now because you’re being ridiculous. Come and get your things. I never want to see you again later.

Ms Blossom claimed her ex was collecting girlfriends like Pokemon (Image: Press Association)

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“To which once again, he said, you can go when you finish your drink that I just paid for. In full rage, I took my glass and threw my drink in his face.

She then claims that the guy followed her home begging her to forgive him and when they got there she asked to see his phone, locked herself in the bathroom with him and discovered the messages for the other two girls.

Heartbroken and furious, Pia decided to give the two girls her number, informing them that they had the same boyfriend, which resulted in Pia and one of the others leaving him.

But Josie decided to stay.

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