‘Woman (72) leaves man unconscious in kitchen for two days before calling emergency services’ Inland

The woman stated that her husband had fallen on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Even though her husband was still on the floor two days later, she just went shopping. When she returned, she said she noticed that he was not well and called the police. Emergency services determined that the man was dead, but that he may not have died until a day after his fall.

The suspect had previously stated that her husband often dropped himself on purpose to attract attention. “He was a narcissist and had given her and the children a bad life,” she told the judge. According to the woman, their daughter had left home at the age of 14, and their son had broken off contact.

Sound recordings

The ball started rolling because a neighbor had made sound recordings that showed that the woman was confused and mentally unstable. The woman from Utrecht showed verbally aggressive behaviour, the unfortunate husband let the grumbling come over him. The daughter also did not declare in her favor: she appeared to have been removed from home due to the countless quarrels between the spouses.

There were earlier signs that the man was not doing well. The older couple’s observant neighbor across the street had seen him stagger at the front door that Tuesday. There were also concerns about his driving skills, the police had been called about this the day before. He had brought the man home. The man is said to have felt ‘intoxicated’ due to new medication.


Although the man had been dead for some time, the medical examiner concluded that he had not died immediately. The autopsy revealed that the man was seriously ill, including bacterial infections in the lungs and brain. Failure of important functions would have resulted in death. A disturbed metabolism showed that the man was deficient in food and drink.

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The public prosecutor suspects the woman that she intentionally left her husband lying there, causing him to die. “She was able to call in help but literally let her husband perish there. Degrading.”

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