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Wolbachia Mosquito Larvae Program in Bandung City: A Hope for Dengue Fever Control


A total of 15 RWs in Pasanggrahan Village, Ujungberung District, Bandung City, have become distribution points for 308 buckets containing Wolbachia mosquito eggs since last Tuesday (31/10/2023). Today, Tuesday (28/11/2023), is the second schedule for replacing mosquito larvae.

“So today is the second replacement, the implementation of technology for the Aedes aegypti mosquito with Wolbachia. So we will try it in one sub-district first, in Ujungberung there are 5 sub-districts, we will try it in Pasanggrahan first, then if the results are good we will continue to the other 4 sub-districts,” ” said the Head of the Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Division of the Bandung City Health Office, Ira Dewi Jani.

As is known, the city of Bandung was the first city to spread the Wolbachia mosquito, namely the Aedes aegypti type mosquito which was then injected with Wolbachia germs. The reason is that Bandung is the first city with the highest dengue fever cases in Indonesia, namely 1,785 cases.



The Wolbachia bacteria, which can grow in the body of this insect, is thought to be able to paralyze the dengue virus in the body of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, so that the mosquito cannot transmit the virus to the human body.

When met in his office, Ira said that it was actually his room that was the breeding ground for these ‘expensive’ mosquitoes. Mosquito eggs that have been injected with Wolbachia bacteria are allowed to develop and hatch in a small bucket filled with water. Each bucket is filled with 200-250 mosquito eggs and mosquito food.

“So, before the trial, we have ascertained what the effect will be. Yes, it’s bumpy, yes it’s itchy, but this technology is a complement whose impact may only be felt in the next 1-2 years. After six months, the proportion of mosquitoes will be checked to see whether it is already 60%. “Wolbachia or not? If not, we will add more while checking, maybe the quality of the eggs is not good,” he said.

Wolbachia mosquito larvae are spread in Ujungberung, Bandung City Photo: Anindyadevi Aurellia/detikJabar

He also confirmed that so far the response from the local community has been good, but that confusing news often attracts criticism from the public. Since the distribution at the end of last October, Ira said there had been no complaints from the local community.

Ira explained that the choice of Ujungberung District as the first point was because this sub-district was one of the 10 sub-districts with the highest number of dengue fever cases in Bandung. Therefore, the gradual release of mosquito eggs will be carried out first in Ujungberung over the next six months.

“Protests from residents only started after yesterday’s news on various social media, so initially the reception was good but there were questions again. Did it have a dangerous effect or not? Yes, in the field we encountered problems. So it was up to the Puskesmas friends to explain, because of the data and “The facts already exist, when we talk, we just need to provide the evidence,” said Ira.

Wolbachia mosquito larvae are spread in Ujungberung, Bandung City Photo: Anindyadevi Aurellia/detikJabar

“But this is also an evaluation for us. If someone objects, it’s usually because they don’t understand what the Wolbachia mosquito is like? It turns out that socialization is actually faster than WhatsApp Groups. So later our approach will be massive on social media and WA Groups, while the program it’s working,” he continued.

Ira also advised residents not to worry. If too many mosquitoes are considered a nuisance, he said they can still be exterminated. Residents also still have to avoid places where mosquitoes pool, except for Wolbachia buckets from the government.

“We only release 10% of the eggs from the total population in nature. If you suddenly feel there are a lot of mosquitoes, please pat, spray, we will still serve fogging requests. This rainy season, don’t forget to check mosquito breeding places such as gutters, behind the refrigerator, and other places where water collects,” said Ira.


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