Withings unveils ScanWatch, a connected watch with capabilities never seen before

Withings ScanWatch
As part of the CES in Las Vegas, Withings unveils its brand new connected watch: ScanWatch.

A new watch dedicated to health, and developed in collaboration with cardiologists and sleep experts.

A new ScanWatch at Withings

The new Withings ScanWatch aims to be the first watch in the world capable of detecting atrial fibrillation, as well as sleep apnea.

It obviously supports the monitoring of the wearer’s heart rate, and allows the recording of an ECG, without forgetting the measurement of the oxygen saturation in the blood, thanks to an SPO sensor.2.

Withings ScanWatch

After the Withings Move ECG watch, this new ScanWatch offers, according to its creator, ” a non-invasive and complete solution, which allows you to be alerted when a cardiac episode is detected, but also to record an electrocardiogram of medical quality on request and share the trace with your doctor, for a long-term follow-up “.

An analog hybrid watch

On the look side, we find ourselves facing a hybrid watch with analog design, equipped with a small screen that allows to display different information such as the heart rate, the number of steps taken, the remaining autonomy … On this subject , Withings announces an autonomy of about 30 days.

The waterproof watch also takes care of monitoring around thirty activities (like a Withings Steel HR for example), and works in concert with the Withings Health Mate app, available free on iOS as on Android.

Withings ScanWatch

The ScanWatch watch makes revolutionary innovations available to the greatest number of people to detect sleep apnea and cardiac arrhythmias. Worn day and night, ScanWatch offers timely screening while allowing information to be shared with your doctor. “Explains Mathieu Letombe, P.-D.G. from Withings.

Price and availability

This new Withings ScanWatch watch will be available in Europe in the second quarter of 2020. As for prices, you will have to pay € 249.95 for the 38 mm model and € 299.95 for the 42 mm model. Two colors will be offered, namely white and black.

Source: Press release

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