Withdrawing from the Covid-19 Task Force, Akmal Taher is disappointed that “tracing” and “testing” have not been prioritized

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia as well as a urology specialist Akmal Taher revealed the reasons for his resignation as Head of the Health Management Task Force (Task Force) Handling Covid-19.

He confirmed that the process had not been maximized tracing and testing Covid-19 made him feel unable to continue his duties as part of the Task Force team.

“Yes, right (disappointed condition tracing and testing). That means, I imagine that gets priority right. Testing and tracing Yes, especially, “said Akmal when contacted Kompas.com, Friday (25/9/2020) evening.

“I see the direction at this time, right now, testing and tracing is not yet the main strategy. Meanwhile, if I think this should be the main strategy, “he said.

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Akmal assessed that dealing with Covid-19 in Indonesia was not enough just prevention.

Steps to prevent transmission through the 3M behavior or wearing a mask, maintaining distance, washing hands with soap should be an obligation.

“But that alone is not enough. For what reason, because we have to get a positive patient so that we can isolate him so that there is no transmission,” said Akmal.

“Now even those who are lacking get positives and are present in the community. We must look for them. We must actively seek them out,” he said.

Akmal also admitted that he could not describe in detail the situation in the handling of Covid-19 by the government.

It’s just that, he stressed for development tracing and testing always being chased.

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