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With 16 medals, wrestling and taekwondo athletes debuted for Colombia • La Nación

Colombia remains unstoppable in the 2023 Central American and Caribbean School Sports Games. On Monday, the national team added 35 new medals and managed to maintain third position in the overall medal table, with a total of 80 metals.

Wrestling and taekwondo, which debuted this Monday in the competitions, added 16 medals between both disciplines: three golds, seven silvers and six bronzes in the different modalities of individual combat. The day continues this Tuesday with team confrontations.

On the other hand, although gold was not achieved on this day, athletics maintained its good streak and won silver in the javelin throw, 3000 meter dash, 4×100 hurdles and 4×100 relay. These last three in both branches: feminine and masculine

Classical chess achieved team gold, while swimming once again achieved silver and bronze in the 100-meter butterfly, women’s branch, and 50-meter breaststroke, men’s branch.

Finally, weightlifting won three silvers and six golds, while, with a bronze medal in the team combat modality, the judo athletes ended their participation in the games, completing a total of 13 medals: one gold, three silver and eight bronze.

This Tuesday, table tennis and boxing compete in the finals of the Central American and Caribbean School Sports Games, in which the national delegation continues to make history.

Winners Sunday, November 27:


– Gold: Sofía Luna, Isabella Valencia, María José Bonilla, Daniela Betancur and Luisa Suárez (classic)


– Silver: Yudisa Martínez Lemos (javelin throw), Sara Gómez Ramírez (3000 meter dash) and women’s and men’s team (4×100 relay)
– Bronze: Jesús Amador (3000 meter dash) and women’s and men’s team (4×100 hurdles)


– Gold: Pablo Cáceres (Greco 71 kg) and Miguel Vega (Greco 110 kg)
– Silver: Aarón Mejía (Greco 60kg), Simón Morales (Greco 51 kg), Andrés Gallego (Greco 45 kg), Natalia García (49 kg) and Elizabeth León (57 kg)
– Bronze: Felipe Lopera (Greco 48 kg), Isabella Bejarano (69 kg) and Brayan Falla (Greco 65 kg)


– Gold: Alejandro Sampayo (start, send and total, 67 kg)
– Silver: Jeisy Lozano (snatch, clean and jerk, 59 kg) and Johan Cerón (snatch, clean and jerk, 73kg)


– Bronze: Jhon Vergara, Dayson Salcedo, María Camila Bermúdez, Heydi Santillana, Anthony Portilla and Luis Ceballos (Team Fights)


– Silver: Juan Acuña (50 meters breaststroke)
– Bronze: Manuela González (100 meter butterfly)


– Gold: Saray Cantoñí Stolen (44 kg)
– Silver: Julián Ramírez (poomsae) and Santiago Calero (63 kg).
– Bronze: Michelle Salazar (poomsae), Gabriel Nieto (48 kg) and Laura Bolívar (49 kg)

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