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The CEC also processed the latest minutes of the new parliamentary elections. With 100 percent counted protocols – 6 parties and coalitions enter the 45th National Assembly. The percentages will be officially announced within days, and by the end of the week we will know the names of the new deputies.

In many places, preferences have played a role, and candidates from further positions will displace list leaders. And analysts’ forecasts for the new government are becoming increasingly realistic.

With 100% of the protocols processed, GERB is the first political force with 26.18%. The second place is for the party “There is such a people” – they receive 17.66 percent of the votes of Bulgarians. Third is the BSP with 15.01%.

The fourth and fifth place are respectively for MRF with 10.49% and “Democratic Bulgaria” with 9.45%. “Stand up! Get out! ” also managed to cross the barrier to enter the new parliament and ranks sixth with 4.72%.

What are the scenarios for the political future of the country?

Out of a total of 31 constituencies, in 24 the victory is for GERB, in 3 – for MRF (Razgrad, Targovishte and Kardzhali). “Democratic Bulgaria” wins two regions – 23 and 24 MIR in Sofia. “There is such a people” is the winner of the vote in Ruse, and the BSP – in Yambol.

About 30% are errors in the protocols found by the District Election Commissions, which are to be re-checked at the CEC.

The predictions about the complexity of the 20-page protocol, which had to be filled in by the section commissions, came true. This time, too, it did not go without many hours of waiting. One of the places where the transmission of the protocols was delayed the most was Stara Zagora. People had to wait outside or in the vans. The Public Council at the CEC is already ready with the proposals for changes in the Electoral Code for faster filling of the protocols.

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And these elections will be remembered with a record. He came from polling stations abroad, where more than 180,000 voters voted. Most ballots came from Germany, Britain and Turkey. Stefan Manov is one of our compatriots who voted in France.

“Bulgarian citizens abroad have done what I have thought would come for years. And that is to show with a fresh democratic resource how an interesting, new, open vote flows into the Bulgarian electorate,” he said.

In London, however, due to the long queues, many compatriots failed to vote.

“We have now recommended and sent a letter to the Central Election Commission to increase the number of sectional election commissions abroad where there is a traditional gathering of voters due to the declared interest, when submitting applications, and to increase the number of dark rooms,” he said. Rositsa Mateva – Public Council at the CEC

For comparison, four years ago, 117,000 Bulgarians abroad voted in the parliamentary elections.

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