In Eure-et-Loir, the next session of the universal national service is being prepared online

The setbacks related to the crash of the digital tool of the National Education ENT, this Tuesday, April 6, have somewhat disrupted the cycle of videoconferences planned. But Thierry Jourdan, the educational advisor for the SNU mission in Eure-et-Loir, remains stoic and focused. It is his responsibility to lead the information sessions on the universal national service (UNS), throughout this rather special week of classes.

While the re-containment has forced schools to close their doors, confusing students and taking teachers off course, the SNU mission of Eure-et-Loir had to imagine at the outset a system to inform students of the second general of the department .

Video-conferences, therefore, to replace information meetings in amphitheater or multipurpose room. Each session was to welcome some 140 students face-to-face, the online version attracts only thirty to sixty Internet users. “We control those present, and those who will not have participated will have to justify it, because this meeting is part of the citizen’s journey of the high school student”, warns Yann Massina, the principal of the Lycée Marceau, in Chartres, who specifies however that the health crisis is very taxing on the morale of the students, especially for the seconds.

Don’t give up, invest yourself, think about your future.

“Do not give up, get involved, think about your future”, urges Thierry Jourdan in front of his webcam. This history-geography teacher at Lycée Marceau (from where he leads videoconferences, in parallel with his own lessons) knows, like the director of his establishment, that the period is not easy for the students.

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For him, the SNU is a great opportunity for these young people to give free rein to their desire for commitment. “Often they want to get involved, but they lack the small tool. The SNU can make them want to get involved in their establishment. “” Or in civil society, “adds Évelyne Mège, the academic director of Eure-et-Loir, who came this Tuesday morning to participate in the video-conference to encourage students to participate in this device created in 2019.

An opportunity to get out of home
and meet people

Seventy Eurelian students have already registered for universal civic service out of the 200 places available (25,000 places are available nationally).

The first stage of the 2021 vintage will be the cohesion stay, organized from June 21 to July 2. The Eurelian candidates of the SNU will meet in one of the 125 French schools which will serve as SNU centers. But not in Eure-et-Loir, because the objective of the cohesion stay is also to strengthen the mobility of young people, whom we note that they are sometimes lacking “, insists the principal Yann Massina.

The Goals of the national civic service are:
– Bring republican values ​​to life
– Develop a culture of commitment
– Guarantee a social and territorial mixing of an entire age group
– Support the social and professional integration of young people

During this stay, volunteers will participate in civic activities, where they will be made aware of issues of citizenship, knowledge of public services and institutions, national security and defense, sustainable development and ecological transition … They will benefit also sports and cohesion activities and training in first aid procedures, all led by specialist workers. Friendly times and participation in daily chores are also included in the stay.

The cohesion stay could not be held in 2020 due to the health crisis. For this new session, still marked by the pandemic, Évelyne Mège ensures that a health protocol has been planned, and she hopes that the stay can be maintained. For Eure-et-Loir, the establishment chosen to be the SNU center will be the agricultural high school of Chartres-La Saussaye, in Sours. It will host 200 students coming mainly from other departments of the Center-Val de Loire region.

How did the first universal national service organized in Eure-et-Loir go?

After this internship, which will end with a republican ceremony, the students will return to Eure-et-Loir where they will complete the second phase of the SNU: a general interest mission of 84 hours, spread over the year. “Many associations have responded: the PEP, the Education League, the SPA, but also the firefighters”, rejoices Thierry Jourdan.

Open to everyone

The universal civic service, as its name suggests, is open to all, “even to young people with disabilities or placed by judicial prevention”, indicates the educational adviser of the SNU. “It is up to us to adapt the stay. Of course, if a young person in an electric wheelchair volunteers, he will be accommodated in a center which allows accessibility” specifies Thierry Jourdan.

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And the activities will be adapted. But it is also this citizenship and cohesion: it is that “the group puts itself in the capacity to make the activity possible for all. If at one moment it is necessary to carry the chair, the other young people will help it”.

Inscriptions : Until April 20, on the national site

Conditions :To participate in the SNU, you must be born between July 2, 2003 and April 20, 2006 (an exemption procedure exists for second-year students born before April 20, 2006) and of French nationality. It is also necessary to have the agreement of his parents and to have carried out thecompulsory medical follow-up examination for 15-16 year olds with his attending physician.

Information:Young Euréliens who have questions can send an email to the SNU departmental mission at the following address: [email protected]

Geraldine Sellès


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