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The latest photo of the star caused an avalanche of comments. Those regarding the similarity to the 80s star seem extremely accurate.

Some time ago Agnieszka Włodarczyk’s fans were excited about the photo on which he poses with the famous triathlete Robert Karas. Although no declarations were made, the actress was congratulated on her new love. Everything indicates that the star actually has something more in common with the titled athlete, because they went on vacation together. Włodarczyk often publishes joint recordings.

However, it was this latest vacation photo that made the fans’ hearts beat faster. Agnieszka Włodarczyk published a very sexy shot from the hotel swimming pool. The actress poses in a very low-cut costume and shows off a perfect tan. The fans had an unequivocal association.

“Pretty like Sabrina from the music video ‘Boys, boys, boys'” – commented one of the fans. “I thought about the same 😘” – replied another. The association with the singer, popular in the 1980s, got a reaction from Włodarczyk herself. “Indeed” – said the actress. You also see the resemblance to Sabrina ?

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