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Recently, travel agencies have been getting more and more questions from clients about trips abroad for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or winter holidays. Unfortunately, this will not be a cheap thing this year. Inflation does not bypass tourism, and due to the expensive fuel and weak Polish currency, the prices of many foreign trips are even several hundred zlotys higher than a year ago.

Inflation in Poland is raging and reaches values ​​unseen for 20 years . This applies, inter alia, to food, energy or fuel prices . All this, combined with the weak Polish currency, makes it holidays under palm trees, foreign New Year’s Eve trips or winter holidays in the Alps promise to be expensive .

– The prices of foreign trips borne by the client depend mainly on the price of the flight and the hotel stay. Because the price of excursions is mainly influenced by: the price of aviation fuel i exchange rate , after which payments for hotel and airline owners will be made – he explains in an interview with money.pl Jacek Dąbrowski, expert of the TravelDATA Tourist Market Research Institute.



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