Will Tony Junior take over the Bachelor’s baton from Gaby Blaaser?

Tony has been a coveted bachelor since his split from singer Maan. He would therefore be the perfect candidate for the sequel De Bachelorette. RTL has now responded to the rumors surrounding the new show. “It is true that a new season is under development in which a Bachelor opens his heart to love, “said a spokesman.” It is not yet clear which single man dares to take on that romantic adventure. ”

So it is unclear whether Tony will be seen in the Videoland format. He tells RTL Boulevard that it would be ‘great’ to participate, but could not confirm anything. “It is still under development,” he explains. “You are the first to hear it.”

Although Gaby gave her last rose to Joey in De Bachelorette, the relationship did not last. In the meantime, she seems to have hooked someone else, as can be seen in the video below.

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