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Will Neymar Join New York City FC in a Sensational Transfer Move?

Will the US league land the next transfer coup?

Four weeks ago, Inter Miami announced the sensational signing of Lionel Messi (36). Now the next superstar could follow the Argentine into the MLS!

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As the Spanish sports newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” reports, New York City FC is interested in Neymar (31). Accordingly, the City Football Group, owners of the club, allegedly sees the Brazilian as an important transfer target. No contact has been reported with Neymar, but City Football Group are apparently considering making the striker a “tempting offer”.

Neymar’s future open until 2025 despite contract

Neymar’s market value is currently 60 million euros, his contract with PSG runs until 2025. This means that the French champion has the best possible conditions in poker for the winger. Whether Neymar really stays in Paris seems to be completely open at the moment. There are always rumors of a change, and there has also been speculation about a return to FC Barcelona.

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According to the report, Neymar still has an alternative to moving directly to the United States. The Brazilian could initially join Manchester City, also managed by City Football Group. With this transfer, a subsequent career end in New York would be almost certain.

Background to New York City FC’s deliberations: MLS bosses realize that Saudi Arabia has become a serious contender in the battle for veterans. Cristiano Ronaldo (38) and Karim Benzema (35) are just two examples of ex-superstars preferring to cash in in the desert rather than in the United States.

With Messi and possibly Neymar, that should change again! Because one thing is clear: In terms of payment power, the US league is in no way inferior to the Saudis. Messi will rake in around €200m over the next four seasons.

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