Will Jeddah see rain in the next few hours?.. See the response of the “meteorologist” and explain the weather until next Tuesday

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Meteorological spokesman Hussein Al-Qahtani revealed that the rain situation will continue in most regions of the Kingdom until next Tuesday.

And he indicated, during his intervention with the “Al-Ikhbariya” channel, that the rain will be medium to heavy, accompanied by dusty winds, hail and high waves on the western coasts.

He stressed that the Mecca region, its coasts and Jeddah, and a number of other governorates, were affected by the rain situation yesterday, and expectations are that the rain will continue overnight and tomorrow.

And he continued: This situation started yesterday and will continue until next Tuesday, and there is a 24-hour update of the weather situation to pass it on to the parties dealing with the field.

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