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Wilke: Sausage manufacturer cannot find a buyer and quits all employees

The sausage manufacturer Wilke, which got into trouble due to a meat scandal, finds no buyer and is wound up. Despite intensive efforts and the involvement of a company specializing in takeovers, no successor solution for business operations has been found, insolvency administrator Mario Nawroth said after a meeting of creditors.

Existing assets of the insolvent company should be used to satisfy claims from creditors. The remaining 62 employees were dismissed, according to Nawroth. A social plan should be concluded with the works council. “The voting on this is ongoing.”

Listeria had been detected in sausages from the manufacturer last year. The germs can be life-threatening if the immune system is weakened. 37 illnesses, including three deaths, are associated with Wilke products.

The public prosecutor’s office in Kassel is also investigating the managing director, the deputy managing director and the production manager, among other things, due to negligent homicide, personal injury and commercial fraud. Investigators had discovered massive contamination in the company, which offered ideal conditions “for a persistent settlement, multiplication and spreading of Listeria”.

The consumer protection organization Foodwatch informed the authorities after the production conditions at Wilke became known accused of inadequate and late intervention. In the company, hygiene deficiencies had always been identified before.

Meanwhile, there is apparently another Listeria case in Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. According to a message from the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and food safety affect walnut ham and other Waldenserhof Wilfried Fröhlich products. Consumers who have bought products are asked not to consume them. The products can be returned to retailers for a refund of the purchase price.

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