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Why You Shouldn’t Wear Perfume in the Sun: Risks and Solutions

Spray, spray and more spray. We just love perfume. That one scent in particular should remind you of your favorite holiday destination. Delicious! However, spraying in the summer does have some disadvantages. We are going to tell you why you shouldn’t wear perfume in the sun!

Perfume in the sun

Lovely the sun and it also has a positive effect on our skin and health. Yet it is not always rose scent and moonshine. What do you put on your skin when you go into the sun? It is probably a product with perfume in it. And that is exactly what you should not do. Perfume can make your skin more susceptible to the sun. Perfume can be in anything. Think of your foundation or your day cream. Fragrances that you put on or that are in certain products are often complex and contain different chemicals. Perfume can cause a certain irritation or allergic reaction. In combination with sunlight, this is further enhanced. This way you can suffer from spots or skin discoloration. The reaction does not always have to be immediately visible. It can only cause certain skin damage or cause skin aging in the long term. Therefore, always check carefully which ingredients are in your products.

Forms of irritation

There are different types of irritation that you can get if your skin reacts to perfume. We have listed them for you:

Irritation: the substance damages the skin directly. Allergic reaction: The immune system reacts hypersensitively to a certain substance. Photoxic reaction: the skin is damaged because the substance on the skin reacts with sunlight. Sun allergy: the skin reacts violently to normal exposure to the sun. This is separate from products that you put on your skin.


Should you suffer from irritations around your skin after spraying perfume? You could then choose to spray the perfume on your clothes. At least on areas of the skin where the sun has no access. You could also put Vaseline on your skin and put the perfume on it. Vaseline also ensures that the smell stays much longer. A well-known perfume that has been specially developed for the sun is Jil Sander Sun. With this scent you can sit in the sun with peace of mind and is not harmful to the skin. Ideal right? The scent gives you the ultimate holiday feeling.

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