Why the nine-euro ticket is not valid on three RE lines in the region

Local transport in Berlin and Brandenburg

Why the nine-euro ticket is not valid on three RE lines in the region

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With the nine-euro ticket, travelers can in principle travel nationwide on any local train. But on some RE lines, including three in Berlin and Brandenburg, the previous fares continue to apply. Why?

Around the Pentecost weekend, travelers can travel across the country and the region for nine euros for the first time, from Cottbus to Havelland or from Berlin to Prignitz. The ticket is only valid on local public transport, Intercity-Express (ICE), Eurocity-Express (ECE), Intercity (IC), Eurocity (EC), Railjet (RJ) as well as FlixTrain and FlixBus cannot be used with the ticket.

However, seven regional express lines throughout Germany are also excluded from using the nine-euro ticket, which are actually ICs.

These trains cannot be used with the nine-euro ticket because they are not operated by the company “DB Regio” – but by “DB Fernverkehr”. Travelers on these lines must therefore continue to pay the old tariffs.

With the nine-euro ticket on the next train

In the Berlin-Brandenburg region, this affects the regional routes Potsdam-Berlin-Cottbus (RE 56), Elsterwerda-Berlin (RE 17) and Berlin-Eberswalde-Prenzlau (RE 28). According to a railway spokesman, these trains are intercity trains that are used as local transport connections on the sections mentioned. The reason: An intercity line on these routes cannot be operated economically [tagesschau.de].

Because the federal states still want to keep the lines, they give the railways earmarked financial aid. The trains usually also have to take passengers with local transport tickets – but the nine-euro ticket is not valid there. Anyone who was previously allowed to travel on these routes with a subscription to the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) – regular customers, students, season ticket holders – can now continue to do so.

For the users of the nine-euro ticket, however, this is only a small restriction. DB Regio trains also run on the same routes – so travelers can usually catch a later train at the same station. This is the RE 5 between Elsterwerda and Berlin, the RE 1 and RE 2 lines run between Potsdam and Cottbus and travelers can also take the RE 3 to Prenzlau.

The nine-euro ticket is also valid on the lines of private providers that operate in the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB). The lines of the East German Railway (ODEG), the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn (NEB), the Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn (MRB), the Hanseatic Railway and the Berlin S-Bahn fall within the scope of the nine-euro ticket.

Denser cycles, little space for bicycles

With the nine-euro monthly ticket, passengers can use local and regional buses and trains throughout Germany from June to the end of August. The ticket is part of the traffic light coalition’s relief package because of the high energy prices. Right from the start of sales, the ticket was in great demand, especially in Berlin. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe have now sold more than 520,000 nine-euro tickets.

Due to the great demand, the railways had announced that they wanted to offer more space and more frequent connections on some lines. The offer is to be increased, especially on the weekends, because the railways are expecting a higher load on the trains. The excursion trains in the direction of Prenzlau and Neustrelitz are to be extended to Rostock and Stralsund on the weekends. A second railcar is said to be in use between Zossen, Berlin and Bad Belzig. Because Deutsche Bahn expects a high level of occupancy, it recommends travelers not to take bikes with them, but to rent one on site if necessary.

The S-Bahn is also strengthening some lines in Berlin. In the coming weeks, the S1 and S7 will run longer every ten minutes in the evening. On the S2, the S-Bahn doubles its capacity on Sundays and uses eight instead of four cars.

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