Why Serial Killer Stories Are So Important To Students Seeking National Security

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We get so fascinated while watching serial killing movies that we forget it’s a horrific and tragic incident that still happens today. The law enforcement units devote a considerable amount of their resources to haunting serial killers.

As a student looking at a career in national security, the study of this topic would help broaden your psychology of criminals. In your journey as national security personnel, you’d study several serial killer cases. Here’s why you should take them seriously.

Getting Insight From Multiple Security Agencies

Devoting your life to national security is a patriotic decision that every citizen in your country is grateful for. To kick-start your career earlier, it’d be best to research essay examples on ‘Crimes Involving National Security.’ A part of which studying previous crimes, including serial killer research topics, would aid your theoretical knowledge. In these case files (some highly confidential), you’d find a detailed report on the multiple security agencies that worked these serial cases.

Operating in any arm of national security is synonymous with any muscle in the human body. The damage of a muscle in the body could lead to complete paralysis from your anatomy classes. The majority of these cases had the FBI, state department police, and sometimes the sheriff’s department. The records from the investigations of each security arm are pieces of the puzzle masterminded by the serial killer.

Serial Killer Stories Broaden Your Scope Of Criminology

While you analyze and study the motive behind every serial killing, you’d be surprised at the level of intelligence these killers exhibit. Of course, in the process of watching a few serial killer movies, you remain marveled at the connection between the murdered and murderer. Getting yourself familiar with a few of these stories would help broaden your scope of criminology. Reading and watching documentaries or books on serial killings would change your perspective on brutality.

Serial killers thread on the most lethal and extremely difficult to crack criminal cases. Unless you get yourself familiar with the worse of all crimes, you wouldn’t fit in the world against criminals. Often, each killer is talented in their way and uses sophisticated skills to track, trap, most times, torture before killing their victims. Criminologists or national security professionals study the pattern and similarities between victims to get to their killer. You can learn all of these also.

Filter Facts From Fiction


As a college or university student looking to get into national security, your ability to filter facts from fiction is a valued skill in the profession. Because of the popularity of serial killer cases today, it’s difficult to distinguish between real stories and mere fiction. But getting your stories from credible sources would help develop questions on what’s true or isn’t. Your research and investigation skills would come in handy when writing an essay or report on criminal cases.

To get a broad knowledge and learn the history from previous serial killing cases, there are few must-have books. Criminology professionals would recommend books like ‘Devil In The White City,’ ‘I’ll Be Gone In the Dark’, and ‘Zodiac.’ These serial killer books record beyond criminology education of the incidents. They’d also be helpful when you have to write a research paper on the topic of serial killings.

Top Serial Cases To Research


Universities also help support students looking to pursue a career in national security with academic materials from various writers on the subject. However, to fast-track your knowledge of being a professional in criminology, you should get familiar with the top cases.

  • “Dr. Death”: Harold Shipman, the infamous medical doctor who killed 200+ patients, should rank the top of your list to research
  • Belle Gunness: Ever wondered why any individual would choose to “Marry to kill?” Find out all you need to know on Belle Gunness
  • Ed Gein: The author, director, and as famously known “The Inspiration behind Psycho.” Ed was the definition of Psycho is a human form
  • John Wayne Gary: The children’s clown performer who went on a killing spree.



Protecting the United States from dangerous psychopathic individuals daily is not an easy task. The Police, CIA, and FBI are filled with trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of criminology.

Universities organize security awareness programs to protect the students from possible attack from a serial killer. To estimate the level of danger around you, you need to be aware of the possibilities. That’s a reason why serial killer stories are important to students aspiring to have a career in national security.


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