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Why McDonald’s Coca-Cola Tastes Better Than Store-Bought: The Secrets Revealed!

Many of us have encountered the fact that Coca-Cola is in there for some reason McDonald’s It seems to be tastier than if you buy it in the store.

As with many great products, the devil is in the details. rag I talked about the McDonald’s formula that creates the next level Coca-Cola cup.


Back in 2021, the company said that its cola tastes better because the syrup used to make it is pre-cooled. This helps to preserve the precious bubbles.

The best water

McDonald’s website also mentions that their Coca-Cola is made with filtered water.

“To ensure that our drinks always meet the gold standard, we filter all water before it reaches the dispensers,” the statement says.

According to food scientist Abigail Thiel, “Soft drink manufacturers usually have their own water supplier or filtration system to improve water quality. Chlorine is usually removed as it can produce a ‘cured’ taste, water hardness will be changed as it affects acidity. of the drink, and iron is removed to limit color and flavor defects.

Different packaging

Fast food restaurants often use Coca-Cola syrup in plastic bags, but McDonald’s only provides it in stainless steel containers. This protects the syrup from temperature changes, being exposed to light, and anything that could change its taste. The company also refrigerates its beverage systems and uses insulated pipes to transport pre-chilled beer. In addition, they calculated the proportion of syrup that allows the ice to melt.

According to Abby, “Any carbonated product that is stored in a container gradually loses carbonation. But McDonald’s does this process on site and right before you drink the Coke.” Most products are traditionally prepared as a mixture of syrup and water in a ratio of about 1 part syrup to 3-6 parts water.

Different straw sizes

Have you ever noticed that McDonald’s straws are a little wider than others? As the fast food giant says, “It’s a little wider than a regular straw, so all the flavors of Coca-Cola can hit your taste buds.”

More food news

British cardiologist Neil Srinivasan named five foods that are special harmful to heart health. This included, in particular, carbonated drinks.

Moreover, the most important thingfoods that cause diabetes in humans.

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