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Why is the future SUV coupe 4008 important for Peugeot?

After a resounding revival in the compact segment in 2021 thanks to a spectacular new 308, Peugeot intends to drive home the point in 2022. On the basis of this well-born compact, the Lion will unveil a new body next year. This 308 “crossover” – for which we are betting on the name 4008 – which we have already told you about, plays an equally important role for Peugeot. We explain why.

1.The coupe SUV, an important bodywork for Peugeot’s premium lens

Even if the name given to this new segment is contradictory and has a strong marketing sound, the “coupé” SUV genre conveys a rather high-end image of a manufacturer. And for good reason, BMW was the initiator with its X6 in 2008, followed by Mercedes and Audi with GLE Coupé and Q8 as ostentatious as they are expensive. In this move upmarket proclaimed – and partly successful – for several years by Peugeot, this bodywork has become essential. The future 4008 should also cope well enough with this mission, which will take many elements from a new 308 with style and proportions more assertive than ever.. Thus the very aggressive look, the large hood and the gaping grille will be taken over by the 4008, which will however be entitled to a new stern. All perched higher than the compact we know today.

2.A new gearbox and the first Peugeot micro-hybrid model

New for Peugeot in form, the future 4008 will also be in substance. It will be up to him to inaugurate a brand new gearbox produced in collaboration with the supplier Punch Powertrain.. A form of honor insofar as this unit allows PSA to finally offer a double-clutch transmission, announced for years and repeatedly postponed. This future e-DCT is not a “real” double clutch, but an automatic gearbox. 4 speeds with two axle ratios, switching from one to the other via an additional clutch. Even if two axle ratios for 4 speeds would make it possible to offer a total of 8 reports, Peugeot should stop at 7 speeds. More than just competition from Renault’s EDC transmission, the new e-DCT also incorporates an electric motor of around 20 kW.. Not enough to give the future 4008 a hybrid status, but to offer, for the first time at Peugeot, a 48V micro-hybrid. this set should then be declined at will by the French manufacturer since it can be applied everywhere.

3. Go quickly in the hunt for the Renault Arkana

The Renault Arkana.  © Renault

Today more premium Renault in the eyes of the general public, Peugeot is however not ahead of the field of the SUV cut. Aware of the potential, the Losange rushed into the breach this year, its Arkana becoming the first general-purpose coupe SUV, understand affordable. Successful, the Arkana is also enjoying a successful start to his career, he who has already found more than 15,000 buyers in 2021 while he has only been available since March.. Impossible for Peugeot not to come and walk on the flowerbeds of its great rival, even if the ignition delay will not be easy to fill. The 4008 can count on many assets but none, a priori, that its rival to the diamond does not already offer. Habitable, well-finished, available in gasoline, hybrid and soon to be plug-in hybrid, the Arkana has a good head start against a 4008 which should not be in dealerships before the end of 2022.

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