Why Getting a KfW Loan for Solar Systems is Not as Easy as You Think

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Von: Patricia Huber

A new solar system is expensive. The state actually supports this with a KfW loan – but it is not that easy to get.

Berlin – Easily generate the electricity for your own household yourself: Given the current electricity prices, that sounds tempting for many homeowners. With the construction of their own solar system, homeowners can make themselves partially or even completely independent. But that’s not cheap. As a rule, a photovoltaic system (PV) costs between 7,000 and 12,000 euros. There is also a grant for this, but there is a catch.

KfW development loan: Numerous banks reject it

The KfW promotional loan for renewable energies is intended to help promote solar expansion. There are already loans for this from an effective annual interest rate of 4.75 percent. The loan is then repaid via the respective house bank. But this is where the big problem lies: because many banks are not willing to accept the KfW deal. “We’ve never had the program before,” says a bank advisor n-tv.de. He works with over 500 financial institutions – but not a single one offers the renewable energy loan.

“One of the reasons will certainly be that the program is not worthwhile. The administrative costs make this uneconomical for the banks,” the bank consultant told the news portal. So the loan does exist, but it is hard to get for many bank customers. Loud n-tv.de Among others, the Sparda-Bank, the building society Schwäbisch-Hall, the DKB, the DSL-Bank and several other savings banks and Volksbanks do not offer the subsidy at all.

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Getting the loan for a solar system is not that easy. (symbol photo) © Smileus/stock.adobe.com

Solar system funding: “No bank wants to finance it”

A number of house builders are also frustrated in specialist forums on the subject. “You can hardly get this ‘great’ funding,” writes one user. Another is annoyed: “Forget them KfW funding. Also wanted the KfW loan […]no bank wants to finance that.” According to KfW, “no discrimination whatsoever” would take place and all target groups are “eligible to apply in the same way”, so n-tv.de.

But in the end, the banks decide. KfW advises perseverance here – but that should only be useful in very few cases. In the end, the house builders willing to install PV systems are left with the costs or think twice about building the system. The latter should by no means be in the interest of Robert Habeck’s solar system expansion plan. (ph)

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