The Rise of Parodic Politics: A Sociological Reality in Today’s Elections

If Jácome dressed as a cartoon had gone up on stage, pulled a globe out of a top hat, played with it and presented it as his electoral dream, he would have obtained the same seats in the Ourense city council. Jácome does not have the category of Chaplin but he garners as many laughs as ‘The Great Dictator’ with which he paradoxically drowns out criticism of his mismanagement. The triumph of this character demonstrates the law in force by which the number of votes is proportional to the increase according to the antics of the candidate. Jácome does not deserve any personal or political respect for me, for the same reason, neither are his anonymous voters. However, he represents a sociological reality to which the struggle for power is dragging us without other ideological arguments than parodic gestures. In the past elections it has been shown that good management does not add votes and that malpractice is not punished at the polls. The mayor of Ourense is in the easy chair because the PPdeG promoted him under the Feijóo mandate, which suggests that he will have no qualms about sitting in a Council of Ministers with individuals like Abascal, willing to move the command chair from within. Ourense is his mirror.

The traditional consolation of admitting bad bed partners to amassing power has become a lamentable spectacle of political life. On the one hand, spurious interests and on the other, the lack of pragmatic maturity lead to undesirable cohabitations. The immediate alliance of PP and Vox in the governments will be a time bomb of greater importance than Pedro Sánchez’s left-wing coalition trial. An evil that the two big parties must remedy under penalty of keeping the country between fear and media lies. Sánchez’s partner has committed suicide. Unidas Podemos is slowly dying, annulling a wealth of votes absolutely necessary for progressive governance. Hardly recyclable votes for Yolanda Díaz alone, lost in the labyrinth of her procrastination, and for the chest beating of Pablo Iglesias, evicted by her inconsistencies. On the other side of the line, those of Feijóo have engulfed Ciudadanos —his alleged center partner—, to be left alone before the dangerous nonsense of the extreme right. First of all, an army of Jácomes, well equipped ideologically, from whom they try to steal the speech without presenting any other program than the retirement of Sánchez.

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With the suicide of the emerging partners, bipartisanship is back. The left raising the banners of management. The right raising the banner of reconquest. From Aznar to the present day, the PP has had a good electoral result with the Catholic maxim that the end justifies the means and that it is good to burn bodies to save souls. That is the Aznar-Ayuso-Feijóo program beating scandals and leaving scorched earth where they step. In the PSOE they continue committed to the effort to formulate proposals on proposals so that the opponents discredit them with hoaxes and successful slogans. This is the dynamic where, between the shouts and the reason, the ear of the citizenry without political training stays with the scandal, the joke and the show. He joins the party of the great dictator and promotes a world of caricatures, jokes and memes in which guys like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Berlusconi and, why not, Jácome reach quotas of power that endanger coexistence healthy citizen. And even democracy.

2023-06-02 10:41:27
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