Why do people still crave reality TV?

TV companies expect good ratings from programs and manipulative techniques are known to be used for this too: participants feel used, deliberately provoked.

The feeling of being used for evaluations is somehow unavoidable. Such a conclusion can be reached relatively quickly and, indeed, also logically.

Of course, there have been smaller or larger disputes in my practice, which we always resolve through negotiations.

The creators of the program can also make careless mistakes, such as humanly confusing a fact or misunderstanding information – and that doesn’t always mean chasing ratings.

Despite the traumatic side effects of the show, which are no longer a secret, so many still want to participate. What’s so tempting?

I’ve always believed that a person who chooses to be in the frame rather than stay behind the scenes is not only braver than others, but also a little crazy.

Whoever consciously puts himself in the role of the hero of the program is a bit of an exhibitionist, a bit of a hunger for fame, recognition, or wants to be understood.

And these aren’t bad engines at all, quite the opposite. However, it also makes sense that a person who hasn’t been screen hardened yet doesn’t fully realize how painful it can be to look at themselves from the outside, even if they don’t do anything really crazy in that program. I would call it a normal aspect of reality show shooting: the expectations of participants’ self-expressions do not always coincide with the appearance of this person on the camera and, believe me, directors, managers and other “irritants” do not always have anything to do with this. .

Read the full interview with Aija Strazdina on reality TV in the online magazine “Klik”.

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