Who leaked Putin’s plans to attack Ukraine to the USA

It was a man with a rank above Lavrov, the investigator believes.

The United States knew about the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin attack Ukraine, which even 90% of Russian security officials and people from the environment of the head of the Kremlin did not know.

It’s in transmission “To be continued” noted the investigator of the international group Bellingcat Hristo Grozev.

“How can this be achieved? Only by having a “mole” at the highest level… Or some kind of super-technological solution that no one knows about yet,” Grozev said.

Otherwise, Grozev says, if the security forces had known about the decision to attack another state, they would have taken some measures.

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The investigator is sure that a “high-ranking mole” played a leading role in the transfer of classified information.

“This must be a person above Lavrov’s chain. I am absolutely convinced that Lavrov did not know that the war would begin. But in this military get-together about 20 people knew about it. Some of the 20 people would have to (transmit – ed. ),” added the blogger.

In addition to the Politburo, elite PMCs were sent in advance to prepare for hostilities. Therefore, the drain could be from there, Grozev believes.

We are talking about a new PMC of 100 people, controlled by the Russian Guard. “And why is that? Because they lost confidence in Prigozhin (the owner of Wagner PMC – ed.),” Grozev said.

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