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Credit FDJ. sabelle Cesari, responsible for winning relations for the FDJ group, and Thierry Gabarret, general manager of the Pacific Games in Tahiti.

A young winner validated her ticket not in Metropolitan France but in Tahiti in French Polynesia.

This is the first time she has played Euromillions and used the flash system. She wants to buy a pied-à-terre on each continent and continue to work.

She is now the biggest French winner at the Euromillions. La Française des Jeux has just handed over the check for 220 million Euros to a young Polynesian woman, ie 26.252 billion Pacific francs. She was the one who found the 5 correct numbers (21, 26, 31, 34, 49) and the 2 stars (2 and 5).

This player tried her luck for the first time at the Euromillions. She had no lucky numbers and used the flash system (random combination of numbers) to validate her bet and validated her bet at a retailer in Tahiti. These random numbers brought her luck since she joined the very closed club of very big French winners. She even takes the lead.

The last big gain dates back to 2013 in French Polynesia where 16 million euros had been won in Papeete. In Metropolitan France the biggest gain won so far was 200 million Euros on December 11, 2020.

The FDJ teams made the trip to Tahiti

This young player saw her grandfather play but had never bet: “I often said to my grandpa that the day I played my turn, luck would smile on me”, explained the young woman to the FDJ who recounts her words in a press release. She confided in the teams who specially made the trip to Tahiti to give her her prize.

The winner first hid her ticket “under her bed, in her clothes”. “Finally, I was afraid of forgetting where I had put it”, continues the young woman.

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