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Who is Adriana Kalska’s sister and what does she look like? Photo

Adriana Kalska rarely boasts of photos with her loved ones. When she posted a photo with her sister, she caused quite a sensation on her Instagram profile.

O Adrian Kalska recently it is loud due to the separation with Mikołaj Roznerski. They were considered to be one of the most mysterious couples of Polish show business. They rarely gave joint interviews, did not show off their relationship in the press and in salons. Even so, they formed a couple for several years and starred together on the show M like love. There was a lot of gossip about their not being together anymore. Guesses turned out to be a fact. Vigilant fans noticed that the actors were no longer following each other on Instagram, which for many meant that they had split up. The interested parties themselves initially did not comment on the reports, until finally Kalska issued a statement:

I will express my opinion on this subject once and for the last time. Yes it’s true. We parted ways with Mikołaj Roznerski in mid-December. Breakups are not easy for anyone. Our private paths have parted, but professionally you will still be able to watch us on stage and screen. I am asking you to respect our privacy – she wrote on Instastory.

So far, this is the only public announcement issued by the couple. Kalska and Roznerski are still meeting each other at work – on the set M like love, playing the role of the Chodakowski family. They also did not quit their activity in social media. Mikołaj publishes work-related posts and Ada recently revealed that plans to devote himself to travel and has a lot of plans to do so.

They were also united by the fact that they were not outspoken on the web when it comes to photos with their immediate family. Every frame where Kalska or Roznerski’s relatives appeared was immediately caught by the fans of the couple.

What does Adriana Kalska’s sister look like?

Some time ago, Adriana Kalska posted a photo on Instagram where she poses with her sister. The actress rarely shares such moments on social media – usually she focuses on privacy. This time she decided to show off a photo with Paulina – both ladies put on almost identical blouses and glasses. Are they similar? We leave the judgment to you.

In addition to her sister Adrian Kalska, she also has a brother, Paweł, who is also an artistic soul.

Who is Paulina Kalska?

Paulina Kalska is an architect by profession. She graduated from the Poznań University of Technology. She also studied in Denmark, where she obtained an additional title of Architectural Technology & Construction Management. She went on an exchange student at the Southbank Institute of TAFE in Brisbane, Australia, and it was there that she defended her diploma. She went to Barcelona for her first internship. After winning the competition, she also managed to go on an internship in Angola. Currently, Adriana Kalska’s sister lives and works in Warsaw in the Kuryłowicz & Associates studio.

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