who and when can apply?

How much is the gas supplement?

Last year, let us remind you, the government’s inflation shield abolished VAT, among others, was in force. for gas. The rate was 0 percent. From 2023, it is 23 percent. And at least that much will increase gas prices for households. Despite the statutory price freeze. This is why…

“The most vulnerable will be entitled to a refund of the VAT costs incurred,” said Anna Moscow, head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, in December last year.

So the so-called the gas surcharge is equal to VAT. And it will be granted in the form of a refund of the VAT equivalent for gas.

Who is entitled to a VAT refund for gas?

Households that heat their houses (flats) with gas.

Those who use gas only for cooking or heating water cannot count on a VAT refund. The use of gas for heating a house or apartment must be confirmed by an entry in the Central Register of Emissions of Buildings.

There is also an income criterion, i.e.:

– PLN 2,100 – in one-person households,

– PLN 1,500 – in multi-person households.

The government expects that approx. 300,000 people will benefit from the gas allowance this year. households (out of approx. 13.8 million).

Where and when can I apply for a VAT refund for gas?

Applications should be submitted to city or commune offices.

You can claim a gas VAT refund after you have received and paid your first gas invoice this year.

The application must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the invoice to be paid.

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