Sports Stars in Turkey: How Poker Became Their Favorite Hobby

Turkey is known for its passionate sports fans and a thriving sports landscape. Whether football, basketball or volleyball – the Turks show enthusiasm and dedication in every sport. But in addition to the traditional sports, a new hobby has found its way among Turkish sports stars in recent years: poker.

A growing popularity

Poker has grown in popularity in Turkey in recent years. More and more people are discovering the fascination of the game and more and more sports stars are dealing with the topic. This is not least due to the fact that poker is becoming more mainstream in Turkey and more and more people are finding access to the game.

One reason for the increasing popularity of poker among Turkish sports stars is the fact that the game is both physically and mentally challenging. It requires both strategic thinking and mental toughness to succeed. These challenges appeal to many sports stars who are used to showing off their skills.

Poker and sports – a perfect combination

Poker and sports may seem different at first glance, but they have more in common than meets the eye. Both require hard work, discipline, and perseverance to succeed. Many sports stars therefore see poker as a perfect addition to their sporting careers.

But poker and sport are not only similar in terms of the requirements, the idea of ​​competition is also similar. Poker is all about beating your opponents and coming out victorious. Just like in sports. It’s about being better than the rest and emerging as a winner.

According to media reports, Brazilian superstar Neymar is a passionate poker player. He has competed in numerous tournaments in the past and even made it to the final table of the PS Championship. It is impressive to see how successful football stars like Neymar and Pique have discovered their passion for poker and have successfully established themselves in the poker world. They prove that you can be successful off the field and that the skills you learn in football can also be useful in poker.

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Prominent Turkish poker players

There are now quite a few well-known names in the Turkish poker scene. Some Turkish professional athletes have dedicated themselves to the game and can be found in poker tournaments. A well-known example is the former soccer player Hakan Şükur, who is now a professional poker player and has already won several tournaments. Former professional athlete Türkoğlu also competes with others.

Another well-known Turkish poker player is C. Ulusoy, who is successful both online and live and has tournament wins to his credit. Other Turkish sports stars have also found poker fun in recent years and can look back on competition victories.


Poker has grown in popularity in Turkey in recent years and more and more sports stars are getting involved with the topic. The game requires both physical and mental effort, which appeals to many athletes. The idea of ​​competition is also similar to that in sport. There are now quite a few well-known names in the Turkish poker scene. It’s interesting to see how the popularity of Poker in Germany and Turkey will continue to develop and whether more Turkish sports stars will play poker.

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