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White Porsche on fire in Kelapa Gading


Mobile Porsche white burns on Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Fire and smoke came out of this sports car.

“The incident on Boulevard, we received the information at 15.10 WIB,” said Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency communication officer, Oni, to detikcom, Saturday (22/5/2021).

The exact location of the fire was on Jl Boulevard, Pegangsaan Dua Village, Kelapa Gading District. Only one pump unit was deployed to extinguish the fire.

The back of this luxury car is charred. However, the front of this car looks still intact.

A Porsche car catches fire in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, May 22, 2021. (DKI Gulkarmat Agency, Facebook Humas JakFire)–

“It’s finished. This is handled by the North Jakarta Damkar Sub-dept,” said Oni.

This information was also conveyed by the official Facebook account of the Gulkarmat Service, namely JakFire Public Relations. The Porsche is said to have a Jakarta police number.

“It is not yet known the cause of the fire that burned a Porsche type vehicle with the police number B-689-RGS,” wrote JakFire Public Relations.

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