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“White Night” has illuminated Riga with an extensive program / Article / LSM.lv

On September 5, in Riga, anyone who, in spite of the rain, went in search of new creative impressions, could enjoy the annual tradition – the modern cultural forum “White Night”. This year, its varied program included dozens of events, representing a wide range of contemporary culture – music, art, cinema, video, poetry, performance and environmental objects.

The annual contemporary culture forum “White Night” is able to captivate the unknown and the ability to show the already known in a different light. It captures as yet unfamiliar places and events, illuminating the environment and people’s minds, and surprises with creative ideas. “White Night” is quiet in some places, it rumbles and rumbles in some places, and no one who has gone to the streets of Riga for one evening is indifferent. It vibrated the most in the quarter of Tallinas Street this year.

“We didn’t expect to become such a popular place in three years. This shows that there could be more courtyards in Riga, where people feel cozy and cozy, where the city noises do not bother, where you can feel like in your own yard, ”says Kaspars Lielgalvis, the curator of the Tallinn Street block.

For the third year in a row, a street art competition took place in the White Night quarter of the Tallinas Street quarter – in five hours, 11 artists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia competed for a prize worth 500 euros by painting the quarter’s courtyard buildings.

The artist Mārtiņš Aizpurvs says that he has chosen to create the work as a memorial to “road traffic victims; often when we shift the focus to something else, we don’t notice the little hedgehogs, frogs, snakes, and they run over. ”

“” White Night “is a great time to pay attention to these little night creatures, so we decided to give the name to a hedgehog who will decorate the wall alone,” notes the artist Viviana Maria Stanislavska.

In turn, indoors and in the yard open exhibition of recycled materials, focusing on the problem of waste and the lifestyle of consumers.

“We are trying to pay attention to the problem of waste in both Latvia and Estonia, given that Latvia and Estonia produce 3 percent more waste every year, which is a lot, which means that we should change something in our thinking and attitude towards consumer culture. , ”Explains Guna Dātava, Art Project Manager of the Institute of Environmental Solutions.

Meanwhile, in the house of Rainis and Aspazija “White Night” was opened by Žeberas or Andris Brežes exhibition “Reserve Poetry”. In it, the artist and the poet continue their search in the genre of graphic poetry, entertaining viewers and readers with clever pictograms.

But near Bastejkalns, Mars had landed incredibly close to the ground above the canal.

The private moon had landed in Arkadia Park, but the installation of the Latvian exposition “Interrupted Connections” of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale could be seen in the Dome Square “White Night”.

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