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Which wage of PPPK or PNS is larger? Listed below are the small print!

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – State civil servants should not solely civil servants (PNS), but additionally Authorities Workers with Work Settlement (PPPK). What is the distinction?

There are a lot of issues that differentiate PPPL and PNS. One is wage. So, the place is the best wage between civil servants and PPPK?

Learn this text until the tip.

Earlier than PPPK and PNS salaries, you need to first know what PPPK and PNS are.

PNS or Civil Servants are workers who’ve met sure necessities and are then employed as ASN on a everlasting foundation. Bear in mind, nonetheless.

That is totally different from PPPK, PPPK are each Indonesian residents who’ve been designated as authorities workers. It is simply that it is short-term.

Or in different phrases, PPPK are contract staff employed by the federal government and assigned to carry out authorities duties and positions. In line with Regulation No. 49 of 2018 concerning PPPK Regulation.

Because you already know the distinction between PPPK and PNS, listed here are the wage parts for every of them.

After all, civil servants and PPPK have salaries and allowances. Solely the parts are totally different.

The earnings parts of civil servants are regulated in PP No. 11 of 2017 at the side of PP No. 17 of 2020 and the Presidential Decree concerning Salaries and Allowances for civil servants.

In the meantime, PPPK salaries and allowances are regulated in Presidential Regulation No. 98 of 2020 and PP No. 49 of 2018.

Following are the essential salaries of PPPK and PNS. This doesn’t embody different parts, equivalent to allowances in keeping with present rules.

PPPK primary wage

PPPK class I wage: IDR 1,938,500-IDR 2,900,000
PPPK class II wage: IDR 2,116,900-IDR 3,071,200
PPPK class III wage: IDR 2,206,500-IDR 3,201,200
PPPK class IV wage: IDR 2,299,800-IDR 3,336,600
V PPPK wage: IDR 2,511,500-IDR 4,189,900
PPPK class VI wage: IDR 2,742,800-IDR 4,367,100
PPPK class VII wage: IDR 2,858,800-IDR 4,551,800
PPPK class VIII wage: IDR 2,979,700-IDR 4,744,400
PPPK class IX wage: IDR 3,203,600-IDR 5,261,500
PPPK Class X Wage: IDR 3,339,100-IDR 5,484,000
PPPK class XI wage: IDR 3,480,300-IDR 5,716,000
Class XII PPPK Wage: IDR 3,627,500-IDR 5,957,800
PPPK Class XIII Wage: IDR 3,781,000-IDR 6,209,800
PPPK class XIV wage: IDR 3,940,900-IDR 6,472,500
PPPK Class XV Wage: IDR 4,107,600-IDR 6,746,200
Wage PPPK class XVI: IDR 4,281,400-IDR 7,031,600
Wage PPPK class XVII: IDR 4,462,500-IDR 7,329,000.

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