Which is More Deadly, TB or Covid-19? Check out the info here!


JAKARTA – The Doctor’s Word Podcast always has cool and interesting and definitely useful information about health that is delivered directly by dr. Nadia Alaydrus, don’t you believe it?

This time, dr. Nadia has other very useful health information that you should know. “Between Covid-19 and TB are both dangerous but there is only difference in the part of the cause, where Covid-19 is caused by a virus and TB is caused by bacteria,” explained Dr. Nadia.

“Indonesia is in second place with the most TB sufferers in the world, you know! Wow, this is a poor achievement, now TB is transmitted through droplets and we have to take antibiotics for at least 6 months as the healing period, “he continued.

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But does TB have any side effects in the long term?

There is also information about cervical cancer, what disease is it actually? “Cervical cancer is cancer that attacks the cervix, where we know that the shape of the female reproductive organ is in the neck, which is what many cancers are called cervical cancer. The cause is the HPV virus, where there are several types of this virus and there are two types. types that can cause cervical cancer, ”said Dr. Nadia as the opening act in her podcast.

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