Where the prosperity in Main Franconia is greatest

In the Free State, the people in Upper Bavaria are the wealthiest: This news is not surprising. What is astonishing, however, is the scissors that have opened up in recent years. And: Lower Franconia is doing passably in terms of the disposable income of private households.

The State Office for Statistics in Fürth has now published a comparison of the values ​​for 2008 and 2018. Accordingly, the disposable income in Upper Bavaria has grown by 34.6 percent to 28,384 euros in the ten years mentioned. Swabia follows at a considerable distance, where people last had 24 046 euros a year for consumption and saving, an increase of 28.5 percent compared to 2008.

With 23,510 euros per year, Lower Franconia ranks fourth of the seven Bavarian administrative districts behind Middle Franconia (24 016) and ahead of Lower Bavaria (23 248). According to the statistics office in Fürth, the inflation rates were not factored out in the figures. Disposable income is an important indicator of prosperity.

With an almost identical value of around 23,100 euros, the Upper Palatinate and Upper Franconia are at the bottom of the table. However, the increase there compared to 2008 was a good 30 percent in each case in the top group. That means: The people of Upper Palatinate and Upper Franconia are not particularly wealthy, but next to Upper Bavaria they have increased the most significantly in terms of disposable income.

A look at the Bavarian cities and districts shows that the greater Munich area and the Alpine foothills dominate. A resident in Munich has 32,766 euros a year at their disposal. The wealthy Starnberg makes it to the top of Bavaria with 35,356 euros.

The Lower Franconians have to live much more modestly. The district of Aschaffenburg has the highest prosperity value with 24,745 euros per inhabitant. The city of Schweinfurt comes in last with 21,029 euros, which corresponds to 59 percent of the value of the front runner Starnberg and 83 percent of the Bavarian average (25,309 euros).

How the values ​​are in Mainfranken

If you only look at Main Franconia, the people in Würzburg have the highest disposable income with 24,272 euros. Behind this are the districts of Würzburg, Main-Spessart, Schweinfurt, Kitzingen and Rhön-Grabfeld with values ​​between 23,000 and 24,000 euros.

Are weaker? apart from the city of Schweinfurt as the bottom? the Bad Kissingen and Haßberge districts, each with a good 22,000 euros per inhabitant. By way of comparison: the last cities in Bavaria are Augsburg and Hof, both of which make it just over the 20,000 euro mark.

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