When will the 2022 lunar eclipse occur, what time will it be? Check out the Timeline for the Total Lunar Eclipse in Indonesia

NORTH TIMES – All areas in Indonesia will experience lunar eclipse total on November 8th 2022 later.

Timeline time and duration lunar eclipse total experienced per region in Indonesia will be shared here.

The following review will discuss about when lunar eclipse occur and what’s the time The event reached its climax in various cities in Indonesia Indonesia.

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For areas that are in the Indonesia east side like Jayapura, the people there can witness the phenomenon lunar eclipse total November 8th 2022 for approximately 5 hours and 37 minutes.

Stargazers in Jayapura can also witness the early phases of the start lunar eclipse total on November 8th 2022 later.

This extraordinary advantage unfortunately cannot be enjoyed by stargazers who live in the area Indonesia West Region.

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Padang, which is located in West Sumatra, for example, even though the incident lunar eclipse total it can still be seen but stargazers will not be able to see the early phases when the moon’s appearance begins to change.

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