When the Earth Stops Spinning, This Is How The World’s People Feel

JAKARTAWhen the earth stops rotating, then we will never fall. With the water at the poles, we can walk across the equator but it’s a terrible sight.

As reported by Unilad and The Verge, if the world really stopped then things would quickly become unfriendly.

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Part of the planet will be exposed to sunlight, while the other half will have to deal with cold conditions.

The twilight area will become narrower between the hot and cold parts. But even this twilight zone will creep slowly around the planet as the Earth orbits.

To make it easier to work, assume that the ocean will not freeze in the cold zone as well as in the hot zone which will not evaporate.

Over millions of years, this coercion made the center of the planet fatter. So the diameter of the size of the earth through the equator reaches 21.4 km more than the size of the earth when measured through the poles.

However, if the earth rotates, the oceans will gradually move towards the poles from the equator. Initially, only a few areas but then will experience an increase.

With the rotation of the earth, the water on earth has been pushed away from the area up to eight kilometers.

That’s what happened when the earth stops rotating then the area will be in the water. Asia and Europe will probably be in the water too.



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