Hundreds of Naked Men and Women Round in the Desert of Israel, What’s Up?


Hundreds of models, both male and female, pose completely naked in a desert Israel. What’s the matter?

Around 200 models, both male and female, were seen not wearing a single thread while undergoing a photo shoot in a desert in Israel, close Dead Sea.

The naked bodies of these models are only covered by white paint which contrasts with the brown desert background.

Apparently, these nude models were following a photo shoot by a famous photographer from the United States named Spencer Tunick.

For travelers who don’t know, Spencer Tunick has always been known as a photographer who has a ‘hobby’ of photographing nude models. But what Tunick did was more spectacular, because he used to photograph nude models in massive numbers, reaching hundreds of people.

Tunick can make hundreds of people willingly naked in front of him. Boys and girls alike, all followed Tunick’s direction. These models stand tall and stooped. Some are skinny and some are fat.

Clad in black, Tunick stood on the roof of the vehicle and gave instructions using a megaphone.

“Everyone put their feet together. Hands down,” said Tunick, Sunday (17/10) last week.

Tunick can be seen directing his models to pose on a rocky brown hill overlooking a bluish lake. This photo shoot was held as a way to boost tourism Israel.

Tunick has indeed done dozens of large-scale nude photo shoots around the world.

“For me, the body represents beauty and life and love,” he said.

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