When playing steam games with a controller, you need to know these settings.

For players who like to play games on the Steam platform, a good controller can greatly enhance the gaming experience. However, before using the controller, the correct settings are also very important. Here are a few tips for setting up controllers in Steam.

Key setting

Steam can assign different functions to each of the controller’s buttons. For example, set the left joystick of the handle to move the character, the right joystick to perspective control, button A to attack, button B to jump, and so on. Through reasonable button settings, game characters can be controlled more conveniently and the game operating experience can be improved.

Vibration settings

If the controller supports the vibration function, the corresponding settings can also be made in Steam. You can adjust the vibration intensity of the handle to the appropriate level according to your own preferences, making various scenes and actions in the game more realistic.

For example, when playing a racing game, you can set the vibration intensity of the handle to a larger value to simulate the vibration and collision of the car during driving, allowing you to feel the speed and passion of the car more immersively.

Sensitivity settings

For games that require high-precision operation, the sensitivity setting of the handle is also very important. In Steam, you can adjust the sensitivity of the handle according to your own needs to adapt to different game scenarios and operating methods.

For example, when playing a shooting game, the sensitivity of the handle can be set higher to improve aiming accuracy. For racing games, the sensitivity of the handle can be lowered to increase the stability of the operation.

Mapping settings

If the controller cannot be recognized by Steam or does not support the operation methods of certain games, you can use controller mapping software to set it up. Map the controller’s buttons and joysticks to the keyboard and mouse, allowing you to use the controller to control the game.

For example, when playing “Dark Souls 3”, you can set up controller mapping to better control the movements of the game character.

Although these are some basic settings for price comparison, their importance cannot be ignored.

Regardless, the correct controller settings can allow you to better enjoy the game on the Steam platform. Do you know any other practical tips?

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