Actress Lee Young-ae Talks about Her Twin Children and Family Life in Seoul


Actress Lee Young-ae (52) mentioned her twin children.

On the 30th, on the YouTube channel ‘Civilization Express’, Lee Young-ae was asked, ‘Have you tried Tanghulu?’ to which she replied, “I have tried it. My daughter likes Malatang and Tanghulu. It fills my stomach. I eat that course every day.” “These days, children close their rooms and don’t come out. They feel like puberty is just starting,” he said. “When I lived in the countryside, I picked all the vegetables myself from the field and fed them organically. Since coming to Seoul, I get (delivered food) every day.” As he ordered it, he said, ‘I live in Seoul because of this taste.’ The children were amazed by Seoul. They asked, ‘Why is the night so bright?’ Seoul is probably a mirage in the children’s eyes,” he explained.

Lee Young-ae married businessman Jeong Ho-young (72), 20 years her senior, in 2009. In 2011, after two years, she gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter. “One day, my daughter said, ‘I want to see a celebrity.’ I said, ‘There’s a celebrity here,’ and she snorted,” he said. “He said, ‘Good job,’ because I was on ‘Civilization Express.’ When I took a selfie, my daughter said, ‘Please erase it all.’ “They say so,” he hinted. She said that she went to the concert of her group ‘BTS’ with her daughter and added, “I am a fan. I went to the MAMA Awards, and thankfully, he came all the way to the waiting room and showed off.”

Recently, he attracted attention by saying that he enjoys listening to the songs of the group ‘Tomorrow by Together’. She said, “She is also going to the Tu Batu concert next week because of her daughter. My daughter will go with a friend and I will go alone and have fun. I will take pictures on the day of the performance and post them on Instagram.”

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