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When Love and Wealth Collide: The Broken Dreams of 8 Actresses Who Dated Rich Men

Take stock of 8 actresses whose dreams of wealthy families were shattered!The second-generation mixed-race star has a chance to be a family member with Wu Qianyu. It is revealed that a Hong Kong sister has been in love with a rich man one after another and is still unmarried.

The 41-year-old Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada was recently revealed to have broken up with real estate tycoon Hiroyuki Sugimoto after five years. It is said that Kyoko Fukada broke up with Hiroyuki Sugimoto because she was suspected of having an affair with director Ryosuke Fukuda. Even though there were repeated rumors of marriage, Kyoko Fukada’s dream of becoming a rich man was ultimately shattered. . In fact, there are many female stars in the Hong Kong entertainment industry who once dated rich men, but they broke up and were unable to join the rich families as young girls. The following 8 female stars have had rich boyfriends, but many of them are still unmarried.

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Huang Xinying’s elder sister Huang Xinmei has always been an excellent host. She is biliterate and trilingual and is a sought-after emcee for many events. A few years ago, Huang Xinmei was ViuTV’s emcee. Later, she decided to leave the nest and still has a lot of work. However, it is said that Huang Xinmei was involved in the scandal between her younger sister Huang Xinying and Xu Zhian, which caused her work to be greatly reduced, and her dream of becoming a wealthy family was shattered. At that time, it was rumored that Huang Xinmei was developing a sister-brother relationship with Ma Qingwei, a billionaire and descendant of the Tai Seng Banking family, and Justin Ma Guifeng, the son of Xue Zhilun. The two were 10 years apart and there was no generation gap. Although Huang Xinmei did not admit her love, she often posted photos of Justin Ma Guifeng missing. As the mirror flashed, it was once rumored that Huang Xinmei, who had been divorced, was expected to remarry and have a better marriage.

Huang Xinying’s sexy news is suspected of incriminating her sister Huang Xinmei

However, since 2019, Huang Xinying broke the scandalous news about her involvement in Xu Zhian’s marriage, which caused an uproar in the city. It is suspected that her elder sister Huang Xinmei’s past history was exposed as a result, and the topic of divorce has been discussed again. It was rumored that after the “Anxin Incident”, Justin Ma Guifeng’s family members had few words about their relationship. In addition, the relationship between Justin Ma Guifeng and Huang Xinmei weakened, and they eventually broke up. Huang Xinmei has not remarried yet.

Shi Na’s daughter Hilary once fell in love with a descendant of Shi Ziqing’s family

Shi Na Ueyama, who has been out of the spotlight for many years, is well-known in the industry. Her 26-year-old daughter Hilary has a beautiful figure of mixed race. In recent years, she has become a model in the industry and is the darling of many brands. In 2019, Hilary fell in love with Shi Chung-lok, a third-generation rich man. In the early days of their relationship, she accompanied her boyfriend Shi Chung-lok to the racecourse to win the race. It was once said that she was expected to marry into a wealthy family. If it comes to fruition, she can become a family member with Wu Qianyu, who is about to marry into the Shi family. However, in 2021, some media discovered that the female companion Shi Zhongle brought to the racecourse had been quietly replaced. Even Shi Zhongle’s father Shi Ronghuai revealed in an interview that Shi Zhongle and Hilary had broken up as early as 2020, and Hilary has not disclosed a new relationship in recent years.

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