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It experienced one of the most charming love stories of the past German cinema years. Now the clever, eloquent couple from “303” has over 70 minutes more time to fall in love – and enchant us!


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German cinema still has to overcome major prejudices among many film fans – and German love films all the more, as they are often made from the same, long rotten wood. In 2018, however, a film celebrated its premiere with “303”, the the antithesis of the cramped, superimposed German RomCom cinema represents. In the FILMSTARTS review, for example, Hans Weingartner’s love story was described as one that “should sweep even the hardest-hearted viewer away with its happiness hormones” and his colleagues from Uncut.at saw in her a “film with magical attraction”.

the Berlin newspaper even praised “303” as “one of the most beautiful road movies you have ever seen” and in the Spiegel the travel romance between Mala Emde and Anton Spieker was not only named “Summer Film of the Year”: The ease and credibility of their dialogues was even placed above the conversations from the legendary “Before” trilogy by Richard Linklater! Immense praise for the warm film and the eloquent palaver of the “303” main characters. However, in the heartbreaking trilogy, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke had significantly more time to develop their characters by exchanging words. But now “303” is following suit – with an XXL cut, which is now available in home theater

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Love, travel, babble: “303” in the original version

Jan (Anton Spieker) is on his way to Spain to get to know his father, but his carpool leaves him alone. As luck would have it, he gets to know Jule (Mala Emde), who drives her old Mercedes 303 camper to Portugal to clarify important relationship issues. Without further ado, they set up a car pool with an uncertain outcome and with tons of need for discussion … Need for discussion, which director / author Hans Weingartner hardly knew how to tame. His script was 270 pages long and he was unwilling to shorten them, although that meant that he couldn’t make a movie with a normal running time.

So during post-production he first created a six-part series version with a total of almost 225 minutes – even though he initially had a movie in mind. After completing the series version, the director went to work and compressed the series to 145 minutes (which is still unusual for German films). This version of “303” was published first – and it was simply enchanting: Emde and Spieker live their roles, breathe the fabulous dialogues as if they were the air they need to live and the attraction that during the argument, turn-on – and fooling around between the characters is just magical!

At the end of August this year, the longer “303” version was finally made available to the public. At least theoretically, because it was spoken practically the almost four hours long “303” series version shown on the outer edge of the TV program – namely at night after two o’clock on Bavarian radio, with correspondingly low ranges.

Thanks to the Blu-ray that has now been released, Weingartner’s first cut version has finally become more accessible. And this is recommended for fans of the film and everyone who does not know it yet, but would love to be part of a burgeoning love: It contains even more of the brilliant ones, as if taken from real life Conversations about selfishness, togetherness, sex, romantic fallacies and everything else that people in their mid-twenties studied philosophize about with a great need to communicate when they sniff each other.

In a press statement, Weingartner himself expressed himself diplomatically about which of his “children” is better – the film or series version. The series shows the rapprochement between the chance lovers in the tempo and rhythm intended when shooting. “So if you want to see the material in its original form, you have to check out the series“, Says the director, who incidentally worked as a production assistant on” Before Sunrise “. “If you want to see the essence in a compressed form,” he continues, “you can watch the film.”

Pure romance – with eloquence and drama: the “Before” trilogy in a complete set

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