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When do we discuss a hit-and-run and the importance of taking immediate action after an accident

When do we talk about a hit-and-run?

The required by law to immediately stop all persons whose behavior has (partly) caused an accident and, if necessary, the Secure the scene of the accident or. First aid and to help clarify the incident. It doesn’t matter if you were at fault – it’s enough if you contributed to the accident. “If there is a need to notify the police, this must be done as quickly as possible. Even half an hour can be too long – the case law is very strict in this regard,” warns the ÖAMTC legal advisor.

Anyone who does not stop immediately after an accident, does not help to establish the facts of the case or refuses to provide proof of identity or, if necessary, does not notify the police and emergency services is committing “Hit and run“If these obligations are neglected, each of the three offenses mentioned will be subject to administrative penalties, which can amount to a total of several hundred euros. It is even more serious when an injured person is abandoned – this applies here Criminal law“, the public prosecutor’s office can bring charges and the person who acted culpably could even face a prison sentence,” explains Nikolaus Authried. Important: Even mere witnesses and people who only become aware of the accident after the fact are obliged to provide help if the worst comes to the worst!

A note in the windshield is not enough

Attention, same with Parking damage The following applies: Prove your identity or, if the damaged vehicle owner cannot be found, immediately go to the nearest police station and report it to report an accident. “The famous Note on the windshield is always left behind, but this alone is not enough – that is also a hit-and-run,” appeals the traffic law expert. In order to make it easier for the injured person to contact you, such a note can of course be left – in addition to the mandatory report to the police.

Which insurance company is responsible?

Basically it does Motor vehicle liability insurance of that driver or the driver who was responsible for the accident. If the insurance is subject to compensation, it will cover both property damage and personal injury. “It is particularly important to avoid an accident that you caused yourself as long as possible Report this to your own insurance company within a week – otherwise problems may arise under certain circumstances,” said the ÖAMTC legal advisor. Als injured party Ideally, all damages will be reimbursed by the opposing liability insurance company. If there are two or more people who culpably contributed to the accident in the event of damage, everyone is liable proportionately – according to the extent of their own contributory negligence: If, for example, with two people involved in the accident, one person is blamed for one third of contributory negligence and the other two thirds, the latter only gets one Third of the damage to your own vehicle is replaced. The first person (with lesser fault) is compensated for two thirds of their own damage by the opponent.

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