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Song Zhongji is really proud of his relationship and career. After announcing his marriage to his British girlfriend last week and the good news that he is about to become a father, he has not been idle. After all, he is not in a state where one person can feed the whole family, so today he also announced that a new work will be released soon. But Zhongji Oppa, who always gets cheers whenever a new work is released, was threatened by most netizens this time.

North Korean defector meets Korean girl in Belgium

A love story adapted from a Korean novel

Let’s not ask Song Zhongji to hear how big the shadow area of ​​“refused to watch” is. Let’s take a look at the introduction of the work. “Ro KiWan” is produced by Netflix and adapted from the Korean novel “I Met Loh Kiwan”.In addition to inviting Song Zhongji to perform, the cast also hasRelying on the good acting skills of “Monster”, Cui Chengen, who was named “Monster Newcomer”, co-starred with veteran actors Zhao Hanzhe, Xu Xianyu and others.

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The story tells the story of Song Joong-ki as Ki Wan, a defector from North Korea. After escaping from North Korea, he came to Belgium full of hope and met Marie, a Korean-Belgian girl played by Choi Sung-eun. She is a person who has lost enthusiasm for life. A heart-wrenching love story to separation.

Song Zhongji interprets North Korean defectors and talks about heart-wrenching love

Netizens have threatened: “Absolutely don’t watch it!”

Song Joong Ki’s interpretation of the downcast North Korean defector’s role this time is a major challenge for his acting skills. After all, he has always played a clean handsome guy in the past.Even when he played a werewolf in “Wolf Boy”, he was very cute.However, this time the subject matter is a love story that he is quite good at, making people wonder whether he can get rid of the established impression of “Lieutenant Liu” when people acted in romantic dramas in the past.

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Two lonely people know each other and love each other in a distant country. It can already be imagined that it will be a love movie that makes people cry. However, after Song Joong Ki announced the performance of a new work, most netizens seemed not to pay the bill, and they all threatened: “I can’t watch it anymore.”, “I won’t read his works again.”, “Absolutely not!”, “Pass!“,”not give a damn about.”

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The phenomenon of “anti-Song Zhongji” appeared as early as a few years ago

But Song Zhongji used to work hard on his career, and he became popular again last year

The phenomenon of “anti-Song Joong-ki” did not appear just now. As early as when he divorced Song Hye-kyo, because he was the first to issue a divorce statement, and when his ex-wife was criticized by thousands of people, he never said a word of justice. The impression of the warm man in the past was greatly reduced. At that time, many people doubted him, thinking that he was a scheming man who was good at pretending.

But in good conscience, Song Joong-ki has also gone through a low ebb after his divorce. In order to get his career that has fallen into the bottom, his seriousness is obvious to all. Last year’s “The Youngest Son of the Chaebol” won extremely high ratings, and his career once again rose to the top. High Point.

HoweverOn the day after the finale achieved high ratings, a photo of him and his British girlfriend at the airport was subtly released, and he recognized it with rare generosity! A month later, he announced his remarriage, and the woman was pregnant. Later, it was reported that he dated his girlfriend, but it was actually three months after the divorce that year, which made people suspect that he had a seamless connection.

Due to the large amount of information, netizens who were originally indifferent to him began to be disgusted, and those who did not like him were even more annoyed.

In the past when Korean celebrities got married, fans mostly sent happy wishes, but this time Song Joong Ki generously shared the good news. Netizens’ comments were mostly: “I don’t know why, I can’t say my blessings!”, “Every time he says he is going to get married, he always talks about it. Same.”

It’s true that ordinary people can’t be a star. How high is the psychological quality? Fans can praise you to the clouds, but they may stop liking you because of some things, so I really admire those who have debuted for many years and have good reviews. I look forward to Song Joong Ki’s comeback win again, and capture the hearts of fans with his handsome posture and good acting skills.

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